Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Song for Marie

CatMan just called to tell me that an old friend of ours died last night. I am sad.

We saw Marie and her husband a few weeks ago. They had a big end of summer party, and we all stayed up late talking around the campfire. Marie looked very thin, and I had a hunch something was wrong, but she didn't let on.

What makes it even more sad is that they just lost a son a year or so ago. He had a health condition that required regular blood transfusions, and apparently he had a reaction to a transfusion and died in Marie's arms.

I am so sad at the loss, yet happy for the wonderful life that Marie lived. She was an amazing free spirit who met the world on her own terms with humor and joy.

So I just wanted to send this song out for Marie...

Life is short and precious. Don't waste it.

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