Friday, August 26, 2011

Bike Ride Bliss

Today was a good day! Things finally cooled off a bit here in the Mile High city... "cool" meaning low 90's with a bit of cloud cover. And since the weed pollen count was down to medium, and my generic Fexofenadine has been doing an excellent job (praise the lord for drug patent expiration laws) I decided to go for a bike ride.

I'm not sure if it's the new diet regimen, or my slowly evolving better sleep schedule, but it was the most amazing ride I've had in years! I rode 16 miles, which, I realize barely even qualifies as a bike ride for you hard core biker types, but it was the furthest I've been since I blew out me knee 3 years ago. And here's the thing... it felt great!

Denver's got an amazing system of greenbelts and bike paths along all of the rivers and creeks, so I decided to ride along the South Platte Greenbelt.

Now generally speaking, just getting to the Platte is a chore since I have to go up and over el mucho grandissimo hillaroonio.

To be clear, it was still work to get up and over the hill, but it was the gee-my-legs-are-getting-a-little-sore-and-I'm-a-bit-out-of-breath sort of work, as opposed to the OMG-my-heart-is-pounding-out-of-my-chest-and-I-think-I-might-keel-over-from-a-massive-coronary variety that it's been in the past.

And I was able to go at a good cadence and to keep spinning pretty much all the way through... it was amazing fun!!!

I did get a bit lost though. Apparently a new movie theater shopping mall thing had been constructed since the last time I was on the trail, and it totally threw me. Somehow I ended up turning off onto one of the side creeks and hadn't the foggiest idea where I was.

But it was a beautiful ride, and I didn't really mind not knowing where I was. Amusingly enough, it turned out that at the point I decided to turn around and go back I was only a few miles from my house. Had I know that, it would have been a much shorter ride.... but it also would have been a major haul up an even bigger hill, so in this case I think ignorance turned out to indeed be bliss.

Anyhow, there's no real point to this post other than to say:

May you all be blessed with a day as wonderful as the one I have just had!


  1. I love feel good bike ride days! We have some nice trails around these parts and they are all flat so the riding is easy.

  2. Way to go! That is an awesome ride. I'm impressed. Those endorphins feel fantastic, don't they? I think that the perfect end of your day just might be a delicious smoothie. ;)

  3. Jay - It was indeed awesome!

    MO - I think you called it!

    minhus - I am seething with jealousy at the idea of riding without hills!

    Barefeet - In the new shopping area (the one that confused me) there is some retail space available right next to the bike trail. I think you should move here and set up a smoothie shop... it would be the perfect location!

  4. Ha ha ha, no interest at ALL in a smoothie shop, but I do enjoy them at home. Although moving to CO has a huge appeal, since my best friend lives there. Unfortunately, jobs and family and coutless other commitments all combine to keep us here in the desert.


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