Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Earth Day!

Well folks, Mother Nature delivered a fantastic Earth Day present for us here in the Mile High city... beautiful weather!

CatMan and I went for a ride yesterday and I swear my teeth got plastered with gnats because I just couldn't keep from smiling - how can you not smile when your surroundings look like this?

And I am thrilled to report that most of the blossoms seem to have survived the snow storm. Yay!

Today might be even more beautiful than yesterday was... it's already 70 degrees outside and projected to get even warmer!

The boys are pretty stoked about the warm weather too. This was the scene that greeted me yesterday when I returned from my ride.

Sun beams are sorta their "thing!"

Anyhow, there's big excitement here in Denver today. I don't know if this was coordinated to happen on Earth Day purposefully or if it's just a happy accident, but Denver's public transportation system took a huge leap forward today with the opening of the "A-Line" which will provide train service from downtown to the airport.

Of course, I haven't been on a plane in well over 20 years, but I still think it's pretty darned cool that I can now hop on a bus 2 blocks from my house and ride public transportation all the way out to the airport - it's downright civilized!

And of course, like any good fan of early jazz music, I can't get this song out of my brain.

They're actually giving free rides all day today, but I think I'd rather celebrate by taking my SLR out for a walk so that I might pummel you all with more pictures of the spring flowers.

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day?


  1. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of spring flowers. I think that a perfect way to spend Earth Day. That's what I did.

    1. We'll see how they turn out... it was a nice walk though!

  2. I love your spring photos! The first one, along the river, especially. They all speak optimism to me. And I'm glad you could get out for a bike ride on such a gorgeous day.

    It was a rainy Earth Day, here. But for a change, the rain was welcome. Plants need watering some time.

    1. It was just an amazingly beautiful day - I seriously wanted to bottle it up and save it. We're supposed to get rain next week so at least I'll have the photos to remember the sunshine!

  3. I didn't do much for Earth Day but I plan on taking a bike ride today--does that count?

    I love your sunshine-cat pictures. I enjoy watching my cat find the "sunshine square" on the kitchen floor on sunny days. Cats look so contented when they nap in the sun, don't they?

    1. Bike rides absolutely count!!! Of course, I may be biased there. Anyhow, Smoky really loves the sunbeams, and he does seem very content when he's in one... which is good because he is sort of my "cat of discontent" generally speaking. Seriously, he spends much of his time just looking for ways to get into trouble! It's all part of his charm though.

  4. Now that's how to enjoy Earth Day! Your cats have the right idea I do the same. If there is a ray of sunshine you will find me in it. :-)

    Congrats on the A-Line, what a great service but I wonder how the parking garages are going to like the reduced income if fewer people take the train than pay the fees to park while away.

    1. Maybe they should turn them into gardens... Wouldn't the world be such a better place if there were more train stations and fewer parking lots?


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