Friday, May 29, 2015

Best Laid Plans...

Sooooo... the rains are finally slowing a bit here in Denver. On Monday the weather was good enough that CatMan and I took a long bike ride. We had to dodge a few thunderstorms and ford a few streams where the river had overflown its banks, but other than that a we emerged unscathed.

But just as we were pulling into our meet up/parting ways spot we noticed an ominous looking cloud off to the west. And just as I was about to hop on my bike to pedal home I got a flat tire. Oy!

Well, the two of us whipped that sucker off, changed it in record time, and I booked it home just as quickly as my little leggies would carry me.

It's a good thing I'm getting faster, because about 10 minutes after I got home, this happened:

Yup,,, that's hail. The stuff was coming down at an incredible rate almost horizontally. I had almost finished putting the hardware cloth on the "hail house" so I eagerly ran to the window to see how it had performed.

Let's just say the results were... um... less than what I was hoping for!

OY! I think it was just coming in at such an angle that the hail all went under the covered portion. Hmmm... clearly some design tweaks are in order!

Thankfully the ground has been so muddy that I hadn't really planted anything yet - the only plants under there were a few volunteer potatoes that I evidently didn't get fully harvested last year.

I did, however, have some spinach in another unprotected plot on the other side of the yard. I was soooo excited about it too, because usually we get such hot weather in the spring that it bolts long before it ever gets big enough to eat. I was looking forward to harvesting some this week. Guess not...


Anyhow, I've been meaning to build a cold frame for the greens for years so I can more easily winter them over, and I saved a panel from my old sliding glass door to use as a cover. I'm sorta thinking I'll step up my efforts, because I also have the screen from the old door that I can use to protect the greens from hail in the springtime. I think there's some saying about that... when life gives you hail, build a cold frame, or something like that!

At any rate, my groovy solution to my bike water bottle problem also hit a snag when I took the thing out on the road.

It was making a terrible clatter and we discovered that the vertical water bottle was actually banging against the frame of the bicycle. I thought this was just noisy and annoying, but CatMan told me that carbon fiber bikes can actually suffer serious damage from that sort of thing, so the vertical bottle had to be removed.

I may have to give up my beloved Klean Kanteen bottles and switch to a specially sized plastic one if I'm gonna make it work. I hate to do it, but I've been reading reviews about "Purist" water bottles that are coated with food grade silicone on the inside so they can't leach anything from the plastic. That may end up being my compromise.


I guess the lesson here is that life is always a work in progress...