Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Respite From Winter - And Other Randomness

First of all, I want to offer my apologies to anyone in the New England area, because I really don't mean to gloat...

But it was 75 degrees here in Denver today!!

And speaking of New England and gloating, I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say that as a dyed in the wool Denver Broncos fan, I've gotten a certain amount of perverse joy watching the world obsess about the New England Patriots and the whole deflate-gate controversy.

Trust me, I could write an entire post with bad jokes about Tom Brady's deflated balls, but I'll spare you.

So... where was I? Oh yes... so Denver enjoyed springtime in January today - well, for the past 3 days actually, and it's been WONDERFUL! CatMan and I took two long bike rides, and I rode to 2 separate grocery stores, totaling about 75 miles over the past 3 days, and feel like a whole new person.

It was sort of an odd juxtaposition of seasons, since there's still plenty of snow and ice around.

And the shady spots were still a bit like skating rinks.

I actually ended up being a bit over dressed today because I just couldn't quite get my little brain to believe that it really, truly was in the mid-70's out there! Not that I'm complaining, mind you - it was a beautiful ride.

The cats enjoyed it too as I had all the windows open airing out the house.

I am sooo ready for sprin....

Oh wait, it's only JANUARY!!!! Sigh.

Of course, winter will be returning in a few days, but it doesn't feel so bad with a few days of sunshine under my belt.

And now... for no particular reason, other than the fact that recent US foreign policy changes seem to have permanently wedged this little chestnut into my brain, I bring you this musical interlude:

Why don't you plan a
Wonderful trip
to Havana?
Hop on a Ship
And I'll see you
in C-U-B-A!

Nobody rhymes them like old Irving Berlin! 

OK... and since I'm just posting completely random stuff, here are some chuckles for you...

OK... clearly I'm suffering from some sort of sunshine induced giddiness, so I think I'd better just go to bed now!

So tell me... how's the weather in your neck of the woods?


  1. We're somewhere in-between with our weather. Not like New England, but certainly not in the 70's. I love the cat picture, "This doesn't concern you." I can so imagine finding my cats in that position.

    1. That picture just cracks me up. The looks on their faces are just hilarious!

  2. I like the sunshine-cat pictures--my cat seeks out sunshine squares on the floor (we tend to be overcast this time of year, so I understand the appeal!).

    Much as I envy your 70 degree temps, I think I would find it kinda confusing to live in your climate--you really are up and down a lot. We have been enjoying sunshiny days with upper teens to mid-twenty temps here. Getting a little snow tomorrow which will freshen things up a bit and might even make it nice for snow-shoeing again.

    Have a good day, Cat!

    1. Well, Colorado weather is nothing if not confusing! What really screws people up is that the big winter warm ups tend to come right before big storms because when a storm comes in from the west it creates a down slope off the mountains that warms the air just before the storm arrives. And right on cue, it's supposed to snow tonight - though not a big one this time. Guess I'll put my shorts and tank top away for another few months!

  3. Not nice, Cat. It's in the single digits here right now with negative temps predicted a couple of times this week for lows. Looking at our ten day forecast there is no chance of anything even resembling warmth. But now that I've vented I'm glad you got to enjoy the nice weather you are having.

    I am also enjoying the Tom Brady "hurt feelings" over his deflated balls. By the way, I burst out laughing as I read the headline on the Brady image. The newest scandal involves Blount who was a free agent last year, signed with Pittsburgh (my team) and then got himself canned only to sign back with the Patriots the next day. Reporters asked him about the timing and basically all he does is smile and chuckle about it.

    You've out done yourself this time on your images, the dogs- yes the one is gloating, and the cat - This doesn't concern you, are the best. I can definitely tell the weather and bike ride has had a positive effect on you. :-)

    1. OK, so perhaps my crazy conspiracy theory about Bilachick sending people off to infiltrate & destroy other teams before welcoming them back isn't so crazy after all! He's evil, I say... EVIL!!! :-)

  4. Lovely and warm here - a little too hot sometimes but much nicer than winter :) I love the sleeping spell Lolcat :)

    1. Oh... summer... you've got summer. Sigh. Kiss the warm sky for me, OK? And tell it I'm anxiously waiting for it to return!

  5. I'm in middle Georgia and right now the nights are around freezing and the days around 60 (30 degree spans are pretty normal), but we have a winter cycle where it warms up several degrees and rains, then clears off and gets colder. This happens on a 7-10 day cycle so we can hit from around 20 to 70 during that time, but no snow. We usually only get snow once every few years. It stays a day or two and then it's gone. I enjoyed the Irving Berlin ditty. It was a new one to me and somehow I never made the Prohibition - Havana- American tourist boom before, but it makes total sense now that I think about it.

    1. Your weather sounds lovely! Bet it's not quite so nice in the summer though, unless you really like heat and humidity!

      The whole Cuba thing is a bit of a mind shift isn't it? Somehow I don't associate Cuba with nightclubs and partying, but apparently it was the LasVegas of its day!

    2. You're right about the heat and humidity. And summer lasts a lot longer than winter - in fact about as long as winter, spring and fall combined.

      About Havana, I just remembered that my significant other's parents honeymooned in Havana in the early 1940's. So I guess it was still a happening place even after Prohibition - until Castro took over.

    3. I think there are some scenes in one of the Godfather movies where they're all down in Cuba making clandestine deals. It will be interesting to see how our mental image of the place evolves as relations between our countries improve.

  6. What a tease, but glad you took advantage of it! That warm weather came our way last Sunday - it was 45°! Then swiftly back to reality on Monday just in time for a bunch of snowstorms this week. I do enjoy those balmy above freezing days when I can leave my hands bare and coat unzipped :)

    1. 45 is a normal high for us this time of year, so I'm shivering thinking of that being "balmy!" But it's all relative, isn't it! C'mon spring!!!


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