Monday, January 31, 2011

Worried Sick about my Princess Kitty

Meet the Princess Kitty:

It's a terrible picture, I know. It was taken through the window because once I go outside she's under the tree.

Princess is a sweet little feral cat who showed up sometime this summer. According to my neighbor, she'd been living under the pine tree in my front yard for several months before I discovered her in October and started feeding her. Somebody trapped her and got her fixed at some point, because her left ear is clipped (national sign used by TNR programs - Trap - Neuter & Release). The truth is I have no idea whether she is a she or not. But since she rarely goes anywhere it's likely that it's a female. Maybe someday I'll find out it's a male and have to change its name to "The kitty formerly known as Princess."

Anyhow, we've got a big storm brewing. The wind is howling, and the snow is falling, and it's supposed to be WAY below zero soon and stay there for a good day or two.

I've done everything I can think of to help her. I've built 7 different shelters... all of which she refuses to use. I've shoved all manner of boxes, crates and snugglies and straw under the tree, but she prefers to lie in the dirt. Yesterday, with CatMan's assurance that it would be no more dangerous than Christmas lights, I even put an outdoor approved electric heating pad under there... But no luck.

At one point I thought about trying to trap her and bring her inside, but since she won't go into anything, I don't think I would have had much luck. And I was really afraid that I would scare her off and then she'd be in even worse shape than she is now. Plus, she's totally terrified of other cats, and I've got 3 males...

But, this morning she wouldn't even come out from her hiding place in the branches to eat. She tends to hunker down during snow, so that's not totally unexpected, but I can't stop worrying.

CatMan says she has plenty of fur so she'll be fine... but I still can't stop worrying.

I'm not the praying type... raised as an athiest, it's sort of hard to get behind prayer... but if anybody could send some positive energy through the universe for my little Princess Kitty, I'd sure appreciate it.


  1. We have a farm cat that looks just like your Princess Kitty. She has been living outside for 12 winters (which are so very much colder than you can even imagine) and she is still going strong. A couple of things that worked for her:
    Cat house with a lightbulb in it (I know, might not work for her b/c she won't go into it) but more recently (we now have 2 outdoor cats) we intalled a cat door in the garage and put an outdoor pet heating pad in there with a ton of blankets. That way, they both can have a warm place to go. One thing you could try is feeding her in the heated place that you want her to go...? Anyhow, she will be fine, she's made it this far hasn't she? Good on you for taking care of her!
    Best of luck to you and the Princess!

  2. Hi Maren,

    Thanks so much for your concern and your suggestions.

    First, the update... Princess LIVES!! She finally came out to eat yesterday and scarfed down two cans of ridiculously expensive $2per can Evo catfood. And judging by the trail of pawprints in the snow, it looks like she also caught a mouse out by the compost bin. At 8 below zero she finally relented and decided that perhaps the heating pad wasn't so bad aftet all.

    This fall I built her a heated house on the porch and for a few months I succeeded in getting her to come up there to eat. She would never go into it, but she would sit on the covered area in front of it. But then something spooked her (not sure if it was a rogue dog or the big orange tomcat who comes around) and she just refused to go up there any more. After a three day hunger strike I finally relented and put the food under the tree, which seems to be the only place she feels safe.

    The truth is I HATE to be cold, and so I'm probably overly worried because my toes go numb at the slightest provocation (like on a cool day in summer). I shudder (literally) to think what the temperatures in your neck of the woods must be like!

    Thanks again for your support.

  3. Oh I'm so glad she got through!

    I've gone to the start of your blog now. It's only 12:07am...early yet :)

    1. OMG... I can't believe you're actually reading through the whole thing. I can't even remember what I've written.

      Not to spoil the ending or anything, but Princess is happily sitting on my lap at the moment, and every time we get a big storm all I can think is how grateful I am that she's not out there under that tree anymore!

    2. I am, I know it's probably a bit creepy. I just like your writing style and the comments are great! And you're so interactive it's really enjoyable being a part of the blog community thingo.

      I was sort of holding my breath wondering if I would get a year down the track and no Princess. BIG PHEW. So happy to hear this!

      OMG it's actually 12:07am again! Completely by chance...spooky!

    3. Not creepy, just very flattering - I'm not sure I am worthy of such attention!


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