Thursday, April 19, 2018

Alphabetically Speaking

So April is the month that many brave bloggers are doing the A-Z challenge, which involves writing a post every day, one for each letter of the alphabet (with Sundays off.)

I tried it once, but honestly, it sorta wore me out. Nevertheless, I do like the idea, and I'm having great fun reading Live & Learn's posts.

Anyhow, her post on poetry got me to thinking about words... there are some words that I just like. Some I like for the meaning, some for the things they conjure up in my brain, and others are just fun to say.

So... for no particular reason, here are some words that came to mind when contemplating the alphabet.

A is for alabaster
B is for beckon
C is for calamity
D is for dromedary
E is for epiphany
F is for fanciful
G is for grace
H is for hullabaloo
I is for idiosyncratic
J is for judicious
K is for kleptomania
L is for lapidary
M is for mystic
N is for nefarious
O is for opulent
P is for persimmon
Q is for quintessential
R is for rhapsody
S is for sumptuous
T is for tapioca
U is for utopia
V is for voluptuous
W is for whippoorwill
X is for xenophobic
Y is for yearning
Z is for zealous

I'm sure on a different day I'd choose different words, but those are the ones that struck my fancy today.

What words are you liking today?


  1. Interesting exercise. I'm not going to think through my own list, but if I choose from yours, here are my top two:
    epiphany and whipporwill. Epiphany because I like both to say it and the meaning. With whippoorill I like all of the double letters but mostly I like singing it from a round I learned as a kid. I think I will be singing it all day now, but that's a good thing.

    1. Oooohh! I don't know the whippoorwill song. Saved from the earworm! At least until I go look it up. :-)

  2. I also won't come up with a list, although I love your exercise! There are place names that are also fun to say (Kalamazoo and Mackinaw are two fun ones in Michigan), but then again, I've always loved words.

    My favorite word on your list is lapidary--my dad did lapidary work and taught an adult ed class in lapidary back in the day so I associate it with him. I have some beautiful stone pieces of jewelry that he made.

    1. Kalamazoo and Mackinaw are wonderful words! I'm guessing Mackinaw is Native American. I wonder if Kalamazoo is too.

      CatMan used to do lapidary work too... he still would except that sort of work bothers his bad neck. I still love the word though!

    2. I think both are Native American words. Many in Michigan are. There's a city in Indiana called Mishawaka. My entire family likes to say that. I had fun reading everyone else's words and can understand how the "mouth feel" of those words is appealing.

  3. Serendipity and fiduciary. No idea why!

  4. What a fun idea! Your list made me smile. For some reason seeing "tapioca" followed by "utopia" tickled my fancy. I keep a list of words, and here are a few:
    *jelly bean
    Have a sumptuous weekend!

    1. Great list! I still don't know what chiggers are, but when I was a young, the kids next door would go to Wisconsin every summer to visit relatives, and they'd always come back complaining of chigger bites. Whatever they are, I think I'm glad we don't have them here!

      Now I have kattywompas stuck in my brain...

    2. You don't want to know what chiggers are!

  5. I was just trying to teach my 3 year old that D has one hump, like a dromedary camel! I'm guessing this is one of those lessons that aren't going to stick though ;)

    1. Hahahah! I personally think that's a great analogy, but I can see how it might be a bit much for a 3 year old! :-)

  6. Alopecia; Blessed - pronounced as Bless Ed; Canoodle; Diarrhoea - only because I can spell it lol! I will have some fun later with the rest of the alphabet!

    1. OK... I had to go look up Canoodle! Awwww...

      And isn't Alopecia that weird disease where all your hair falls out? That's an interesting choice! It is fun to say though.


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