Saturday, October 25, 2014

Just Another Day in Paradise

It has been a stunningly beautiful autumn here in the Mile High City. Seriously, it's in the low 80's today and we've been breaking high temperature records all month. I think I've turned my heat on a grand total of once this fall.

I rode my bike over to the pet store yesterday - I think I've finally plotted a course that gets me there through the winding cul-du-sacs without having to ride more than a few blocks on busy streets... Yay!

I'm hoping that CatMan will decide he doesn't have to work today so we can go for a bike ride together. Here's what we saw on our last ride:

Rainbow at Chatfield State Park

Anyhow, I snapped a few pictures in my yard and figured I'd put them up for your viewing pleasure.

Cherry tomatoes still producing!

So are the zucchini

And the Mexican squash...

The volunteer pumpkins & mystery squash are ripening

The Grape Hyacinth are a tad bit confused by the warm weather!

I FINALLY got some of my iris thinned

The Cosmos finally decided to bloom. Better late than never!

Sorta doubt they'll all have a chance to open though...

The marigolds are still holding on

Autumn colors everywhere!

The Locust tree from below.... soooo artsy, doncha think? :-)

Anyhow, I hope y'all are having a beautiful autumn too!


  1. Beautiful! I love the rainbow photo :) We're having a lovely fall too. Not quite as warm as yours, but still mild. I hope it continues for a little while!

    1. It does make me feel spoiled. Of course seasonal temps are scheduled to return tonight, but I'm enjoying every minute of it while I can!

  2. 80's! I've just put my summer clothes away, so if it gets that warm here again, I'll be in trouble. Beautiful pictures, I especially like to see that the garden is still producing.

    1. It's pretty amazing to be harvesting tomatoes in late October, but I'm not complaining!

  3. Lovely pictures and your garden looks...delicious.The fall colours are amazing
    Grape hyacinth always sends up leaves in the fall.....I watch for them so I can dig them out, they are like a weed in my garden.
    Enjoy every bit of your nice weather.

    1. Well, we usually have snow on the ground by this point... or at least have had a few significant storms. Maybe that's why I haven't noticed it. I did dig out some bulbs to move them to emptier sections of the xeriscape!

  4. I love taking pictures of trees from below reaching into the blue sky, too. Makes me feel like a better photographer than I really am. :)

    While our temps haven't been as warm as yours, we've just enjoyed a stunningly beautiful weekend. We went up north to get firewood and enjoyed a color tour along the way, as well as a day out-of-doors. Just what the doctor ordered! :)

    1. CatMan and I went for a 45 mile ride after I wrote this post... it was amazing! And you're totally making me wish I had a fireplace or wood stove - probably a good thing that I don't though as I have a hefty dose of pyro in me! :-)

  5. Oh my that tree is amazing. Love the feminine shape it seems to have, it reminds me of a dancer absorbed and taken away by beautiful music. I thought some of my flowers were late, some were just starting to bloom in September what a crazy year. Glad you got your bike ride in and I hope your weather holds for a bit longer ours abruptly ended this morning. ;-(

    1. Well, we finally got our first freeze a few nights ago. But I harvested everything I could before hand. Not too bad all things considered! :-)


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