Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 by the Numbers

It's hard to believe that 2012 is history already. 

Each time the calendar ticks forward I'm reminded of the day in the 5th grade that my best friend and I sat in the playground and calculated such important milestones as what year we'd graduate from high school and how old we'd be at the year 2000. Our calculations didn't go any further than that because we really couldn't conceive of actually living to be 33 years old, yet alone older!

Anyhow, as I've been re-setting various devices for the new year, and making some plans, I figured it might be fun to chart some of the numbers for 2012.

Soooo... without further ado...

Page views for my blog: 104,071 (who'd-a-thunk-it!)

Top 5 posts of 2012

Page views for all of my web pages combined: 14,426,436 (Yippie!!)

Ad Revenue Earned: OK, I probably shouldn't post that, but it's $8500 more than last year - Woo Hoo!

Months Remaining on Mortgage: 11 (due to both my diligence and my father's generosity)

Miles Driven: 748 (It was looking like I'd come in under 600, but then Sputty got sick and the endless trips to the vet began - he's doing pretty well BTW)

Miles Ridden (on my bike): Around 1000 (the count got messed up during the switch to my new bike, but that number is pretty close)

Longest Bike Ride: 49 miles 

Fastest Speed Logged on Bike: 30 mph (screaming down a big hill and not entirely sure I liked it)

Pounds lost: Around 12 (I consider body weight to be a fairly hand-wavy number, so this could be anywhere from 10-15 depending on how you count it - any way you slice it I think this is called "Riding your ass off!")

Hottest Temperature: 105 F (on 2 consecutive days... Oy!)

Coldest Temperature: -6 F

Joy Experienced: Innumerable!

OK... that's enough numbers. Here's hoping you all had a wonderful 2012, and wishing you the very best for 2013!


  1. It's so encouraging to hear about your success with the ad revenue and mortgage! I hope 2013 treats you well :)

    1. Thanks Amanda, I'm pretty psyched about both of those numbers! Hope you have a fantastic 2013 too!

  2. Very impressive numbers!!! Hope you have another great year in 2013!!

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping that if I just keep focusing on the joy part everything else will fall into place. :-)

  3. WOOHOO! SO happy to hear about Sputnik! Oh and the other stuff is pretty great too...but that probably wouldn't matter as much if Sputty wasn't making it! HUGS TO YOU :)

    1. Thanks Megyn, I'm really hoping that this is gonna turn out to be a chronic condition that just needs to be manages. I guess time will tell, but for the moment I'm grateful that he's doin' OK. Back atcha with the hugs!


  4. Happy New Year - all the best in 13!

  5. You certainly experienced a big range with the temperatures. Glad to hear Sputnik is still doing well.

    1. It was a strange year weather-wise - those 105 marks were all time highs for Denver. But usually we get at least one spell of near 20 below, so it was nice not to have that!

      I sure hope Sputty keeps hangin' in there... thanks for your thoughts.

  6. Those are great numbers indeed! You always restore my faith in jobless living -- most folks on the internets make it look like it's more work and stress than an actual job, you are one of the few who seem to really enjoy the lifestyle. I hope 2013 brings even more success to you!

    1. Thanks for the well wishes for 2013 - I'm sending them right back at you!

      I think that when it comes to making a living on-line, the key is to realize that income is only half of the equation. The fact that I live on very little money, and have a nice cushion in the bank makes many things possible that simply wouldn't be if I had to worry about making enough to pay my bills every month.

      As it is, I can afford to experiment with things and find what works and what doesn't, safe in the knowledge that if I didn't make a single cent for the next 10-15 years I'd be just fine.


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