Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Did Somebody Lose a Cat?

Hello World! I am filled with deep and profound things to say, but I fear I haven't had the energy of late.

Sooooo, for the moment I'll just leave you with this picture. I'm sure that it's been PhotoShopped but isn't it adorable?


  1. Cute! Once my littlest cat (little being relative, he's 12 lbs) bolted out of the house and jumped on the back of a little raccoon that was hanging out on a tree trunk in the back yard.

    Luckily, Mikko scared the crap out of the raccoon and it ran away without attacking or biting him. We think Mikko has little-cat-syndrome. He's always attacking things he shouldn't.

  2. min hus, one of our dogs is the same way. She tries to attack everything. But the most insane thing--a bus! Once when we were talking a walk, she waited until a bus was just about to pass us before she jumped off the sidewalk and started barking at it. Lunatic! Thankfully, I was able to pull her in before she got hit. I wonder what is in a 10 pound dog the size of a cat that makes her think she can take on a freakin' BUS. ha!

  3. OMG! I can't believe your cat actually jumped on a raccoon! My new kitty, Princess weighs 8.5 pounds. Seriously, she is tiny, tiny, but she is IN CHARGE! She's got all three of the boy kitties running scared.

    And since I can't handle the stress of it, I don't let any of my babies outside, so God willing we won't have any raccoons or buses to contend with!


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