Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Princess Update

Well, you know what they say about fairy tale endings... no such thing.

Princess had a seizure on Saturday morning. It scared the livin' begeezus out of me, but in a matter of a minute or two she seemed fine. Nevertheless, I scooped her up and brought her to the vet who did a thorough neurological exam and some bloodwork. Basically, seizures can be a sign of any of a whole host of deadly conditions, or they can be completely anomalous.

Her exam and bloodwork all were completely normal, so now it's just a game of wait and see. Other than that one episode she seems to be doing great. She's happy, and enjoys playing and cuddling, and has no other symptoms.

So for now we just have to monitor her and see what happens. Hopefully it will just be a one time thing. The vet said that if it's something terrible (like FIP) she should go downhill fairly fast.

I guess I just have to look at it like this. No matter what happens to my little Princess, I know that she's had at least a few weeks of love and safety, which is way more than she would have had otherwise. Maybe she will live for another 10 years, maybe only 10 minutes... there's no way to tell. But in reality, that's how life is, not just for Princess, but for all of us.

Perhaps she was sent here to teach me a few lessons about compassion and control. Like this one:


  1. My old Siamese and a couple do other strays used to have random, short seizures with no cause and no affect. Always scared the crap outta me but never amounted to anything thank goodness.

    1. Well, she hasn't had any further seizures that we know of. Looking back on it now, I think she may have had a seizure the first night she was in the basement after her vaccinations, because I went down to check on her and found her covered in diarrhea. At this point I'm fairly convinced that it was brought on by some combination of the vaccines and the stress. I sure hope we don't have any more because it really scared the living daylights out of me!

  2. Ooh I would have been beside myself. I'm glad she's seizure free now and if humans can have post vaccination seizures it doesn't surprise me one bit that naked felines do :)

    1. I never knew people could get seizures from vaccinations. Well, Princess is doing just swimmingly and has pretty much laid permanent claim to her mama's lap!


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