Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Melt is On!

Well, they say that variety is the spice of life, but at least where the weather is concerned it's starting to feel more like the main ingredient! After a few weeks of some of the coldest weather we've had in a long time, it's now 70 degrees outside. The sun is shining and the giant piles of snow are dissolving into a sea of mush.

I've got all of the windows open airing out the house and the cats think they've died and gone to heaven! I even spent an hour or so sunning myself outside this morning since it was much warmer outside than inside! Perhaps I'm pushing the season just a bit? :) I fear I may have even given myself a bit of a sunburn!

It's a bit hard to capture the incongruity of this scene in pictures, but I gave it a try...

Can you see the snow in the background? How 'bout here?

Don't get me wrong... I'm not complaining! But it's sure giving me a bad case of spring fever!

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  1. We hit 40F yesterday and and today will be the same. I almost wiped out about 4 times walking to my car this morning :) and celebrated the weather by not wearing a coat!


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