Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Caution: Grumpy When Tired (beware... this is a rant)

As some of you who read my Flaming Diva Cup post might recall, I really don't do well when I don't get enough sleep. Such has been the case for the past few weeks.

It all started 2 weeks ago. We were having a "kitty visit" as part of the attempt to integrate Princess into the family. It was probably my fault because she was a little on edge to begin with since CatMan had spent some time with her earlier that day and she still considers him to be a horrible ogre.

Plus, allowing all three boys to visit her at once was probably pushing it.

Anyhow, one thing led to another and my sweet, meek little snuggler Princess...

 ...turned into Xena, Warrior Princess.

She didn't really intend to hurt anybody, but she was swatting and Jasper felt cornered so he ran past her to get away and ended up getting scratched in the eye.

This led to an extremely fun 2am visit to the emergency vet.

We then had to give him antibiotic eye drops every 2 hours (oh, the joy). We've had to have vet check ups every few days, and the thing just kept not healing and not healing, so even though the eye drop regimen got reduced to every 4 hours, well... I haven't exactly gotten much sleep lately.

I don't really know how people who don't sleep enough on a regular basis can cope, because I just turn into misery on wheels when I'm tired. And I don't seem to be able to "sleep under pressure". Like when I know I have to get up by a certain time, I just get all worried that I'm not gonna get enough sleep, and then I can't sleep! And once I'm awake it's nearly impossible for me to get back to sleep... UG!

Anyhow, I fear my grumpy sleep deprived disposition may have contributed to my FreeCycle Flake Freakout today. I've been de-cluttering, and I decided to give away a bunch of padded envelopes that I used to use when I sold books online. Actually, I tried to sell them on Craigslist, but they wouldn't let me list them without getting my account "authorized" - but their stupid phone authorization system wouldn't work and after a day of fruitless attempts at getting it to work... AAARRRGGG! - I just couldn't deal with the hassle.

So I gave up and posted them on FreeCycle. Holy Moly! It was like an avalanche of people who all REALLY wanted them.

Now, I had made it VERY clear in my FreeCycle posting that I wanted someone to pick them up promptly with no BS because it's been raining here and I really, REALLY didn't want to deal with hauling them in and out a zillion times and worrying about keeping them dry.

So I choose the person who seems most reliable, and who had a compelling story... BIG mistake. First she's gonna come that day (Sunday)... so I haul them out to the front porch... then she can't come... but she can come tomorrow (Monday)... so I haul them in and haul them out again... then she has some other problem and can't come until Tuesday... so I get up at the crack of dawn today and haul them out to the porch again before heading off to take Jasper to yet another vet appointment. And it's not like this is a trivial amount of envelopes... it was like 6 huge cases!

So I get home only to discover that she has flaked AGAIN and now wants me to hang onto them until later in the week. AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! So that was it. I decided that I was through messing around with this woman and told her to go shove it (politely). I just didn't have it in me to haul those damned things in and out again.

So I send an email to all of my alternates saying that I need them gone ASAP today and will give preference to the person who can come by the quickest. I get a bunch of immediate responses, and choose the person who says she can come by 2pm. This is around noon...

An hour passes and she doesn't respond to my email. So I write back a second time, and a third... no response. Then shortly before 2 she sends another email asking if they're still available... like she never got the other emails or something. I respond again... even from 2 separate email addresses in case there's some sort of technical problem... no response. I finally send yet ANOTHER email saying that I need to hear back from her soon or I'm going to the next person.

I waited another hour or so and finally gave up and called someone else on the list who was very nice was even willing to drive down from the mountains this afternoon to get them. So I sent crazy non-responsive woman another email saying that I was sorry, but since she didn't respond to any of the emails I'd given them to someone else.

So then I finally figure that the issue is resolved, and I can forget about it and get on with running my errands for the day...

So I go out for an hour or so, I get back and they're all still out there on the front porch and there's an email from the crazy non-responder lady saying she's coming by to get them later today. WHAT?!? AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!

Just then a car pulls up in front of my house. So is it the non-responsive email psycho, or the woman I talked to on the phone who was driving down from the mountains to get them? Turned out it was the woman I actually spoke to, and I was SOOOO glad. So I helped her load them into her car and then sent a final email to my psycho non-responder saying that I was terribly sorry but I'd given them to somebody else. She replies (instantly, I might add) with a somewhat snotty response about how "unfortunate" it is that I gave them to somebody else.

Is this just me? Am I just being a sleep-deprived bitch, or is this just plain rude behavior?

I still feel bad but geeeezzzzz! Maybe there was some sort of technical difficulty... but if so it was an awfully selective one.

And ANOTHER thing.... just joking, I'll stop ranting now.

At any rate. Jasper finally got a clean bill of health this morning... well he still has a visible line on his cornea, but it didn't pick up any dye and there's no more edema and no sign of infection, so the vet said it's probably just a scar that may or may not go away eventually.

But at least we can stop with the eye drops and I can finally get some sleep... which is really good news because if ever there was someone who needed a nap, it's me, now!


  1. You sure are funny for an angry person. :P So glad to hear the kitty is ok!

    Flaking is the worst! You were far too kind to give more than one opportunity. I boot freecyclers on the first flake and move on to the next one.

  2. not fun to live but it was fun to read :-p
    so many flakes in the world...you did the BEST you could, I just with you didn't feel a lick of guilt about the non-responsive flake.

    i've had way too many days like this...with the not sleeping, the sleep pressure and the one thing after the next gone wrong...it's nice to see i'm not alone, but then again, maybe we could both stop having days like this...what do ya think?

  3. Thanks guys for commiserating with me. Shortly after I wrote this I decided to lay down on the couch and watch some TV. I woke up about 4 hours later in a puddle of drool wondering who and where I was.

    I've had two real nights of sleep now and I'm starting to feel like an actual human being again, Woo Hoo!!!

  4. FreeCycle can definitely be aggravating that way. I have a small box of plaques that have been sitting out on our porch for about 3 weeks now, with two possible takers who never showed.

    I feel like I haven't had a good night's sleep in months (the joys of pregnancy), and, though I don't recommend it, I think I have adapted somewhat and I'm able to function pretty well with a reduced amount of sleep. Naps are great too, of course :)

  5. It's not you and it's not just FreeCycle I'm afraid. Craigslist people are the WORST and this sounds like pretty typical, rude Craigslist behavior.

  6. I'm not sure whether it's heartening or discouraging to hear that everybody has similar problems on FreeCycle and Craigslist. It's like people get all excited at the prospect of getting something for free, but then when they realize that they'll actually have to exert a minimal amount of effort to go pick it up the story changes. Sigh.

    Melissa - I feel for you in the sleep department. I think it's a good thing that you are able to adjust because from what I gather it gets worse before it gets better!


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