Friday, February 11, 2011

A Princess in Her Castle

I believe hell hath frozen over... or perhaps it's just the wet ground under the tree. At any rate, after many months of shunning all of the shelters that I have built for her, my little feral cat (AKA Princess) finally decided that perhaps the insulated RubberMaid box house wasn't so bad after all.

Woo Hoo! She's actually been sound asleep in there... safe and warm and out of the wind and weather... for the past 6 hours. It's a miracle!

I realize that nobody cares, but I am bursting with joy and just had to share. Perhaps efforts that seem hopeless are not all in vain after all. I'll have to remember this when other things in the world seem irremediable and beyond redress.

I would have taken a picture, but I fear it would have scared the shit out of her. So you'll just have to imagine a sweet little kitty curled up in her house. Happy sigh...


  1. so cute! I'm glad she's taken a liking to her new house :) My kitty has been sleeping in our bathroom sink lately...

  2. My boyfriend's cat likes to sleep in the sink too. Can't figure that one out!

    Two of my indoor cats - the babies... who aren't really babies anymore... they're 20 months old - anyhow, they've taken to playing in the bathtub. For some reason chasing your tail is irresistable in the bathtub. Only problem is that in the winter I let the hot bath water sit until it cools off to help warm the house and humidify the air, and more than once one of them has come running into the bathroom at full tilt and splashed into a full tub of water. You'd think they'd learn....

  3. Was looking at these older posts, and happened on this--LOL, actually ROTFLOL... totally see the cat(s) careening into and then out of the tub of water!! I used to live on a boat and our cat came home once, soaked and EXTREMELY pissed-- a neighboring "boater" had thwacked him into the brink thinking he was getting too close to a steak ...

  4. OMG, poor kitty! I'm sure he thought that steak was for him!

  5. My three cats are all sink and bath cats- one of them is fascinated by dripping taps, and they all like to sit in the bath. The youngest one will sit on the edge while I have a bath- he fell in this winter...poor soggy moggy!

    1. Oh noooo... One of my cats likes to drink from the tub. He'll sit on the edge and then walk his front paws down the inside edge until he can reach the water. If that doesn't work, he'll stick his paw in the water and then lick the water from between his little toes. It's a good thing I don't use anything stronger than baking soda to clean with!

  6. I care! I took regular beatings from a massive stray Tom cat that used to come in of an evening to eat. I would clean his gammy eye, give him antibiotics and worm/flea him as needed after catching him in a towel. He would savage me! He got better at dealing with me though and after nearly a year he came in once and sat on my lap! Just that once.


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